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Rose Hicks-Lay, CTA, is Co-Owner of
Lay Travel Group,
a Dream Vacations franchise
in Roswell, GA.

Holy Moly 2020! Right!? I don’t think there is much more to be said about that. There are greater minds in the world hashing over all of it and breaking it down to the nitty gritty. What I can tell you is that I now garden, knit, bullet journal and have immaculate closets. I am also a certified travel advisor and haven’t traveled in a year.

Humans are meant to travel. It is essential that we explore and connect with new places, new people and new things. For the past year, that drive – that need has been building in all of us. So, 2021 here we come!

Now, I am not silly enough to believe on January 1st the tap turns and all the bad goes away. However, I am Pollyanna enough to believe that as vaccines hit the market, travel will make the comeback we have all been looking for.

Last month, Travelpulse.com reported that travel marketing firm MMGY Global’s research showed that half of American travelers want the vaccine as soon as possible, 40 percent are going wait to see if it’s effective and nine percent are just saying “no” to the vaccine. I say those numbers are pretty good.

I know many of you are savvy travelers and already know some of this, but for the novice out there or the new 2020 multi-hobbyist who hasn’t had time to keep up with travel news, here are a few tips about making your travel plans for 2021:

  • Domestic travel takes the lead in early 2021.
    Like I said earlier, the tap is not just going to shut off. We will have to take some baby steps before we fly. What I can tell you though, over the past year, yours truly has spent this downtime learning as much as I can about the glories of local travel.
    I am amazed at the abundant opportunities many of us have not even begun to tap into. We can hit the beach, head to a mountain hideaway, find the beauty of a desert, or horseback ride through the prairies of the Midwest. I’ve added many of these adventures to my bucket list. For me personally, I live in the Atlanta metro area, so a trip to Gulf or Atlantic beaches or the mountains is a short drive away. But, depending on how far you’re willing to go for a road trip or a day-trip, there are many great destinations near you, no matter where you live in the U.S.
  • Don’t wait too long to make your travel plans for the year.
    Whether you are traveling early in 2021 or later, call your Travel Advisor soon. As the crowds return to travel, prices will go up (that’s just supply and demand folks). The deals are being made now. Also, we know that many resorts, cruise lines, hotels, etc. are responding to social distancing requirements by limiting capacity. That means there will be fewer reservations available for you (reduced supply) while at the same time we’re seeing new bookings due to pent-up demand and rebooked vacations due to all the travel credits issued due to pandemic cancellations (increased demand). So, waiting too long means you will get the fewest options at the highest prices.
  • Voucher holders, book soon!
    Read the note above, guys. Your voucher has a dollar limit and an expiration date; maximize your options and book early when prices are low. Your friendly Travel Advisor is on hand to help you find those deals.
  • Cruisers are hardcore and loyal
    I can truly say cruisers are amazing! Time after time they will reschedule their cruises, waiting for the day they can get back to the sea. This group is loyal and love their ships. For all you cruisers out there, the day is coming! Your patience will be rewarded.
  • The world is your oyster, soon – with a few changes.
    While studies show flying will pick up in early Spring, I think it will be mid to late summer before travelers are ready to jump on a plane and take an international vacation. I believe this because vaccines will play a role.
    Some airlines and cruising companies are already saying they may require proof of vaccinations. Your next travel list may include vaccination forms in addition to the typical identification and passports.
  • Travel Advisors will play a bigger role in making travel plans.
    Most importantly, in the new age of travel during 2021, your Travel Advisor is a great resource in navigating the different guidelines, rules, and requirements across the world. Each country, resort and destination will have their own guidelines in this new era of travel.

Your Travel Advisor is your connection, your sounding board, the person who can answer those questions you didn’t even know you had. Whether you want us at Lay Travel Group to be your Travel Advisors or someone else, just reach out. There is a lot of value a Travel Advisor can provide you, and it’s a great first step when getting back out there exploring the world again.

Published by Chris Lay

I am Co-Owner of Lay Travel Group, a Dream Vacations franchise in Roswell, GA. I love to travel and love helping others to travel and see the world. Please visit www.LayTravelGroup.com and contact me for your next vacation.

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